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The way that people do business has been revolutionised since the launch of the internet. No longer do people wait 2 weeks to get a proposal back in the post. Gone are the days where plans are drawn, only to then make a change and wait again for the new set to arrive often taking up to 4 weeks. People now want almost instant gratification. They email a brief and expect prices back within 24 hours. TPM can get your products and services to the decision makers at the right time.

Ensuring a Return On Investment (ROI) is very important. Advertising should always be seen as an investment not a cost. We aim to work with you to make you money and help your company grow.

Once we understand your needs we then recommend the perfect mix along with traditional advertising this may include, online/digital, print, e-shots, website development, SEO, corporate videos, trade shows, brochures. Through a network of partnerships we are able to offer both placement and production.

We work with commercial clients that operate within a regional, nationwide and global arena. TPM have access tools that can help plan and execute at all levels. Whilst you make have the best product or service in the world, unless you tell people about it, they will never know. We can work with you to ensure that they do know, and when they need your services, the potential client will know that you are the natural choice. Even if your product is niche there must be a market for it - we can help you get to the right target so you are in the mix when they need you.