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Over 165,000,000 cinema tickets were sold in the UK last year (source CEA), that’s over 165 million people sitting down in front of the screen, waiting for the adverts and films.

Cinema advertising has come a long way since the stills and voice overs advertising “Hotdogs outside this Theatre” The audience is captive…they arrived early and now their phones are off…they are just left with nothing to do…sitting in silence, munching popcorn…watching nothing else except your advertisement.

Research shows that when people visit the cinema, they feel good; this makes them even more receptive to what they see. And, when we know that over 89% of cinema goers watch the adverts, that is a lot of potential new customers.

You can advertise locally, nationally, follow a film or define a target audience. All of this helps you target the right audience.

Cinema is often used once you have a TV commercial made as we can often use material that you already have. This compliments and maximises the investment, and helps makes the advert production even more cost effective.

As well as on screen advertising there are also other advertising opportunities in the cinema. This can be advertising in the cinema foyer, car park, or even in the toilets.