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There are over 3,200 consumer magazines in the UK, each targeting a different reader. We have the tools to ensure that your ad appears in the right magazine for your target audience.

People have a relationship with their magazine. It is something they choose to purchase (with £2.5 billion spent on them every year), so they will instinctively trust what it tells them. Consumers take time out to read their magazine and often trust them enough to pass them on. This means that the majority of readership figures are at least twice the circulation figures.

  • 87% of the total adult population read a magazine.
  • 82% of all women read magazines
  • 71% of all men read magazines
  • 65% of all readers regard the adverts as an essential part of the reading experience (source IPC)

Across 20 FMCG brand campaigns, those who incorporated magazines saw sales increase by 21.6% among those who had seen the printed ads. (source PPA Sales Uncovered).

You also need to remember magazines are not just in print but also online via a website and or a tablet version of the magazine. This is currently their strongest area for growth, with people now choosing to also consume their favourite magazine online. This also allows you to link through to your website, increasing the traceability.

IPC Media research (Jan 2014) shows that the different platforms – online, tablet, print, mobile and social - all have important roles to play in influencing consumers throughout the four stages in the path towards purchase: spark, search, shop and share. Magazine brands spark ideas across all platforms. 89% of consumers get ideas from print, 81% from online, 85% get ideas from digital editions, 77% from apps and 72% are inspired by social media.

When looking at which platforms trigger online searches, 57% are driven by the print editions, 60% by websites and 67% by digital editions. After seeing something in an app, 54% have searched for more information online. Print still had the most amount of influence over actual purchase from a shop or online, with 45% of respondents indicating print had inspired a purchase, compared with 40% who indicated that digital editions motivated them to buy, 38% for apps and 34% from the web.