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Direct Mail Advertising

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How often do you open a magazine, paper or post and put on one side what falls out? But when you are looking to buy and a flyer or letter arrives that is relevant it helps influence your purchasing decision.

The aim of direct mail is making sure that your mailer arrives with the right person at the right time. Whether it is mosaic patterns to work out the best place to deliver, or sourcing the right magazine to place your inserts in, we have the tools to deliver an effective campaign.

Most magazines are able to target geographically, so not only do they offer national coverage, but the country can often be split to target the specific areas you need. For example, most magazines can be split into TV regions, and sometimes even tighter targeting can be achieved by using Micro-Regions. The misconception is to use a scatter gun approach but we work with both quality and quantity.

Direct mail allows you to home in on the best potential people by setting very specific requirements - age, behaviours, income, job title to name but a few. Not only can we buy the right data, we can also provide the fulfilment. Again we are saving you time, saving you from stress, and ensuring a fantastic campaign. Direct mail & inserts need the right call to action from you, but work with you to deliver the right message and deliver results.

E-Shots are seen as the new direct mail, they can save you money on postage and print, and you can see the results straight away. This means that you know what conversion rates you are achieving, allowing you to monitor the response and change things accordingly.

TPM Media can work with you to ensure that you are maximising your budget and delivering the return on investment that we can.