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Almost 47 million (90%) of adults listen to radio every week for an average of 22 hours, with 33 million tuning in to the commercial sector alone. Can you afford not to put it in the mix? However with over 300 stations to choose from where do you start?

We can tell you which radio stations your target audience listens to, when they listen to that station, and how to interact with them. This means that we will always recommend the right station, playing the ads at the right time.

Whether it’s regional or national, adverts or sponsorship - we can help. And now through brand integration, for the first time ever, presenters and celebrities can endorse & promote brands and products live on air too. At TPM Media, we have also worked with radio stations across the UK to create bespoke sponsorship opportunities for our clients.

Radio is primarily a secondary media so the listener often has the radio on whilst doing something else. They often have access to the internet so allowing the listener to go straight online to find out more about the product or service. We always recommend that you track your web traffic at the time that they ads are playing to see the increased activity. RAB (Radio Advertising Bureaux) recommend on average 20% of the budget should be spent on a radio campaign to maximise the total budget.

Through the strategic network that TPM has built up we are able to also help with the creation of the advert. As it’s not just the planning and buying that is important but also the creative execution.