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Do you know how many people in Britain buy a national newspaper every day? Over 10 million papers are sold every day, with 24 different titles attracting different readers. How do you know which paper, which supplement, which page or which section to target? Then there are 1,100 regional and local newspapers and 1,600 associated websites in the UK, plus their associated social media networks.

Local press is still the UK’s most popular print medium, read by 33 million people a week, with 42 million unique users relying on their local newspaper websites every month. More than 6,100 local newspapers are sold or distributed in the UK every minute, and 60% of people say they act on advertisements in their local newspaper.

Anyone can take to the internet and get their message to people on the other side of the globe. But for people looking to reach Chorley, not Chile, and West Bromwich, not East Timor, then the regional press remains the only consideration. We know which papers penetrate the area you need. To make the right choice and hit the right target, talk to us and we will know exactly what to do.

Newspapers are at the heart of their communities, so if you have a message that you want to get to people, they can still be the best route. Because they have been a friend of the family for generations, the reader trusts their local newspaper to filter truth from lies and news from tittle-tattle. While Twitter and Facebook have created new platforms to discuss the issue of the day, more often than not, that issue began with a conversation with a journalist and ended up being printed on paper. Papers are not just in print any longer but digital opportunities are a must.

We know that newspapers are not for every client, but for some clients they still remain very important. When you work with us, we ensure you get the right advice and the right campaign plan, using our in-depth research tools and years of experience.