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Did you know commercial TV can reach over 70% of people in 1 day, 93% in a week and 98% over a month? (source BARB)

The way in which people consume TV now is changing. At TPM Media, we keep up to date with all the latest ways to plan and buy a TV campaign. The changes, including digital & mobile viewing, mean that more people are watching programmes at a time that is more convenient to them. This means that not only do they focus more on what they are watching, they are also unable to fast forward the adverts. Also, when your advert is on the screen, they have the ability to click straight through to your website - allowing you another way to monitor and measure the results.

Another advance in TV advertising is the launch of AdSmart by SKY TV which allows you to target your advert to the right demographic in the right geography. A row of 5 houses could all be shown a different advert at the same ad break depending on who lives in the household. So if your product is aimed at children, we can just target homes with children between the ages of 4 – 10, reducing the wastage and increasing the return on your investment.

SKY TV and the digital platforms can now be bought on a cost per thousand basis so you know exactly how many people will see your advert. Campaigns can start from as little as £35cpm.

We can explain, plan and book regional or national campaigns through commercial advertising and sponsorship as well as product placement, which is also a good way to increase brand awareness. TV really doesn’t have to cost the earth and it delivers a good return on investment.

We can also arrange production through our network of strategic partners. From simple to complex adverts, we know the right production company that will deliver the right commercial for you.